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Standing in the Paraná Paraná Paraguay mixing Getting ready for more GPR

Data Dissemination

All data will be lodged with the NERC Geoscience Data Centre. A dedicated project website will be established giving background context, work in progress and results. All project data will be shared with our Argentinean Project Partners, the Ministry of Water Resources and the bathymetric maps (DEMs) will be shared with the Argentinean Navy. Project Partners RESON will continue to liaise with us over technical development of the MBES and its application in fluvial research and ExxonMobil (Houston) will host a visit from the team at project-end to discuss applications of the data. We will publish project results in leading international journals across the Earth sciences and engineering fields and continue our contribution to Public Understanding of Science. Parsons and Best hosted the 3rd International conference ‘Marine and River Dune Dynamics (MARID III)’ at Leeds in 2008 and Sambrook Smith co-hosted the International GPR Conference in Birmingham in 2008. The Paraná team are helping with the conference programme and fieldtrip for the ICFS in Argentina, August 2009.