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Downstream profile of bed elevation changes sand dunes on bed Dune Sediments

Bed Topography

Bathymetry for the 38 km reach was collected with a RESON dual frequency (210 and 33 kHz) single beam echo sounder with GPS for positioning (± 10 m) and stage gauge records used to convert depth soundings to altitude of the river bed above mean sea-level. RESON PDS2000 suite was used as the navigation and data collection software, which logged position and depth at 1 Hz. A series of cross sections spaced at ~200 m for the entire reach were used to produce a DEM using SURFER. The DEM was created using a kriging algorithm that interpolates depth information to a regular 5 m horizontal grid. Banks and bar edges were digitised from Landsat7 imagery and used to construct breakline boundaries to the interpolation.