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Corrientes talk Sharing information with local children Presidente de la Provincia de Corrientes (in the Centre) opening the conference

Papers Submitted / In review

Sambrook Smith, G. H., Ashworth, P. J., Best, J. L., Lunt, I. A., Orfeo, O. and Parsons, D.R (in press). The sedimentology and alluvial architecture of a large braid bar, Río Paraná, Argentina. Journal of Sedimentary Research, due August 2009.

Shugar, D., Koastaschuk, R., Best, J.L., Parsons, D.R., Lane S.N., Orfeo, O. and Hardy, R.J. (in press). On the relationship between flow and sediment transport over a crest of a dune, Rio Paraná, Argentina. Sedimentology