Paraná River Project - Output: Conference Abstracts 2008

Corrientes talk Sharing information with local children Presidente de la Provincia de Corrientes (in the Centre) opening the conference

Conference Abstracts 2008

Reesink, A.J.H., Amsler, M.L., Ashworth, P.J., Best, J.L., Hardy, R.J., Lane, S.N., Nicholas, A.P., Orfeo, O., Parsons, D.R., Sambrook-Smith, G.H., Sandbach., S., Szupiany, R. (2008): The influence of fine-grained sediment on the architecture of mid-channel bars in one of the world’s largest braided rivers: Río Paraná River, Argentina, paper presented at the Annual British Sedimentological Research Group Meeting, University of Liverpool, 15-16 December 2008.

Hernandez, J., Szupiany, R., Ashworth, P., Amsler, M. (2008): Uso de la tecnología acústica Doppler para la caracterización del flujo y distribución de sedimento suspendido en grandes corrientes fluviales, poster presented at Encuentro de jovenes investigadores, Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Santa Fe, Argentina, 15-16 de Octubre.

Ashworth, P.J., Amsler, M.L., Best, J.L., Hardy, R.J., Lane, S.N., Nicholas, A.P., Orfeo, O., Parker, N.O., Parsons, D.R., Reesink, A.J.H., Sambrook Smith, G.H., Simmons, S and Szupiany, R. (2008): Do unit bars co-exist with dunes in big sand-bed braided rivers? Paper presented at British Society for Geomorphology (BSG) Annual Conference, University of Exeter, 2-4 July 2008.