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PhD Opportunities

A number of PhD opportunities may become available as part of the Rio Paraná project. Although there is no direct funding for PhD study within the NERC grant, some of the investigators can seek NERC funding via the awards made to their departments through the NERC algorithm.

All PhD students will benefit from working with a large, international team who have access to some of the latest measurement technologies for flow, sediment transport, bed mapping and sedimentology. PhD students will enjoy working in one of the most fascinating rivers in the world and be part of a large and efficient logistical setup.

For 2009-10, the following projects are available and open to application. Follow the link to the department and direct enquiries to the lead supervisor.

PhD topics on offer for starting October 2009:

University of Leeds: The influence of scale on flow dynamics in large river channels. Supervisors, Parsons, Best, Peakall, Ashworth

Interested applicants are also invited to contact other investigators and institutions involved with this project to discuss future research opportunities.