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International Press Conference, Government House, Corrientes

On 26 September 2008, the Paraná Team presented four talks at a press conference in the Government House, Corrientes. The press conference was introduced by Dr. Tomás R. Pruyas, Presidente de la Cámara de Senadores de la Provincia de Corrientes. This was a prestigious event for invited members of the national and local press, professionals, teachers, students and the general public. The local organiser was team member, Professor Oscar Orfeo, Vice-Director, CECOAL-CONICET.

A flier giving background to the Paraná project written in English and Spanish is here (1Mb)

A 58 page record, all in Spanish, of all spoken words and low resolution powerpoint slides is here (1.6Mb)

Links to various press releases are below:

Senado de Corrientes

Universidad Nacional de Nordeste

NERC quota award PhD studentship on offer for October 2009

A three year, fully-funded NERC PhD to start in October 2009 working on the Paraná is now open for application.

Fieldwork in April 2008

The first field season was undertaken in April 2008 where we produced a high resolution, bathymetric map for a 35 km reach immediately upstream of the Paraná-Paraguay junction and took detailed flow (aDcp) and backscatter intensity measurements at key sections and around a km-scale mid-channel bar. 7 suction cores of over 3 m were obtained on a newly emergent braid bar and samples of bed sediment taken for key sections in the 40 km reach.