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Floodplain scroll-bars Confluence of the Parana/Paraguay GPR data collection

Paraná project website upgraded and relaunched on 21 July 2009

Version 3 of the Paraná website was launched on 21 July 2009 following an updated Version 2 in June 2009. The project website has new pages on research results as well as several updates and a new colour scheme. Chris Simpson helped with the CSS and website design.

Paraná Project Team workshop

A two day, mid-project workshop was held at the University of Brighton on 8-9 June 2009. All investigators took part including Drs. Amsler and Szupiany from Argentina. The next fieldwork season is scheduled for February 2010. Five of the team will attend the ICFS at Tucuman (Argentina) and run a fieldtrip for conference participants.

Research presentations on Paraná project

The research team are giving a number of conference presentations in 2009. Abstracts are downloadable to show current progress and ideas.

Research Team visit to ExxonMobil (Houston)

Three of the team visited ExxonMobil on 2 March 2009 to give two presentations to Houston and Calgary-based geoscientists: (a) Paraná project results, and (b) 4D characterization of alluvial architecture. A html database termed 'GeoParaná' was also presented.

Successful second fieldwork season completed

A very successful field season was completed between September and October 2008. Superb GPR was obtained for nine large bars together with 20, 4 m long suction cores, resistivity profiles, shallow floodplain cores and one deep (10.5 m) industrial core. Our partners ExxonMobil brought their GPR equipment and joined us for the fieldwork.