Paraná River Project - Dr Ricardo Szupiany

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Dr Ricardo Szupiany

Universidad Nacional del Litoral

Dr Ricardo Szupiany

Dr Ricardo Szupiany is a Water Resources Engineer devoted to research into the mechanics of sediment transport and flow structure in alluvial rivers at the Faculty of Engineering and Water Sciences (FICH) of the National University of Littoral (UNL). His research focuses on interactions between sediment transport, flow structure and fluvial geomorphology in large rivers, with special reference to the Paraná River. Since 2002 he has held a fellowship of the National Agency for Promotion of Research (CONICET). Szupiany is an expert in using acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) and other flow monitoring equipment in fluvial environments. He has also applied this work in his role as engineer on technological projects related to the above as commissioned by State and National governmental agencies and private sector companies.

Contact Details

Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Facultad de Ingeniería y Ciencias Hídricas, Centro Internacional de Estudios de Grandes Ríos, C.C. 217 - (3000) Santa Fe, Argentina