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Dr Steve Sandbach

Durham and Exeter University

Dr Steve Sandbach

Dr Steve Sandbach is the postdoctoral numerical modelling researcher on the Paraná River project. He has a background in engineering with a keen interest in fluid mechanics and has worked on experimental laboratory studies investigating the effect of variable density on thermal anemometers (5 month undergrad dissertation) and synthetic jet actuation as a means of flow control (MSc - 7 month project). More recently he has been involved in the development and verification of mathematical models for buoyancy driven ventilation (PhD). These models were developed and verified using laboratory experiments conducted on both the full and small scale. Currently, Steve is a post doc at Leeds, working on river flow bifurcations in braided river systems. His work uses flume experiments to provide detailed 3D velocity measurements and free surface topology in bifurcations. Steve joined the Paraná project on 15 June 2008.

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Department of Geography, University of Durham, Durham, UK.