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Paraná team Research team Sampling at St. Ana

Research Team

The research team has extensive field, laboratory and numerical experience in quantifying and modelling the interactions between river bed topography, flow structure, sediment transport, channel evolution, braid-bar deposition and interpretations of alluvial architecture. All the investigators have worked and published together in some combination in recent years. A key strength of the team is that the deliverables from their research have led to successful industrial collaborations. For example, Parsons and Best have worked with RESON to develop their MBES technology via a recent NERC Partnership grant and joint fieldwork with ExxonMobil (US) has allowed Ashworth, Best, Lane and Sambrook Smith to develop new methodologies for GPR data acquisition. Argentinean geoscientists Orfeo and Amsler have a combined experience of over 60 years of working in the Rio Paraná basin. Their respective institutes, CECOAL and INALI, are able to provide significant logistical and equipment support.