Paraná River Project - Professor Mario Amsler

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Professor Mario Amsler

Universidad Nacional del Litoral

Professor Mario Amsler

Professor Mario Amsler is a Water Resources Engineer devoted to research into the mechanics of sediment transport in alluvial rivers at the Faculty of Engineering and Water Sciences of the National University of Littoral and the National Institute of Limnology (INALI). His research focuses on interactions between sediment transport, bedform dynamics and fluvial geomorphology in large rivers, with special reference to the Paraná River. Since 1997 he has been principal investigator of several projects and one of the main researchers in a joint investigation of the Araguaia and Paraná Rivers undertaken by the UNL and the Federal University of Goias (Brazil). Amsler teaches Fluvial Hydraulics at UNL and has supervised undergrad, master and doctoral students at the University. He has published over 50 scientific articles on sediment transport, bedform dynamics and the evolution of large river channels. He has also applied this work in his role as Senior Engineer on over 30 technological projects related with the above topics, as commissioned by State and National governmental agencies and private sector companies.

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Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Facultad de Ingeniería y Ciencias Hídricas, Centro Internacional de Estudios de Grandes Ríos, C.C. 217 - (3000) Santa Fe, Argentina