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Living with the river Downstream view of the Paraná River

Field Site

Paraná River Study Area

This project will be based on the Rio Paraná in NE Argentina (see Figure), which is the 5th or 6th largest river in the World in terms of drainage area or mean discharge respectively. The Paraná has a basin of 2.3 x 106 km2 that covers the surface of five countries and has a mean annual discharge of ~20,000 m3 s-1 at Corrientes City (max. ~60,000, min. ~8,000). The main channels are 2 km wide on average, have mean depths of around 5-8 m (up to ~25 m at constrictions) and a total sediment discharge of 145 x 106 tonnes yr-1. Four, 10 km2+ reaches of the Paraná will be monitored in the project - sites upstream and downstream of the junction of the Rios Paraguay and Paraná, a site near Corrientes City about 50 km downstream and a site at Santa Fe 300 km+ downstream.