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Project Management

Ashworth will coordinate the project, manage the website and liaise with ExxonMobil. Ashworth with Sambrook Smith will manage the PDRA (field) who will spend the first 15 months at Birmingham receiving training in geophysical techniques and data analysis and then move to Brighton for 15 months for data interpretation, paper and report writing and liaison with the PDRA (numerical) who by then will be based in Exeter. Sambrook Smith will manage all GPR and resistivity logistics, operation and post-processing and share field interpretation. Parsons will coordinate and conduct MBES, aDcp surveys and Argentinean field logistics along with Best, Project Partners Amsler, Orfeo, Szupiany and RESON. With Parsons and Best, Amsler and Szupiany will interpret the DEMs and produce bedform geometries and morphologies. Orfeo and Best will lead planning of fieldwork concerning the palaeo-Paraná and analysis of section and core data from the field campaigns. Hardy and Lane will drive the CFD modelling and manage the PDRA (numerical) in the first 15 months. They will also collaborate with the RC modelling that will be led by Nicholas at Exeter together with the PDRA (numerical) in the second 15 months.