Paraná River Project - Background: Benificieries

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Living with the river Downstream view of the Paraná River


This project will deliver benefits to a wide range of international user groups including the following:

  1. The academic community, through the NERC Geoscience Data Centre;
  2. Catchment planners who will be able to use the numerical models we develop to simulate the potential impacts of climate change upon large river behaviour and so assess potential regulation and management scenarios;
  3. Geoscientists and engineers in the hydrocarbon industry who will be able to use our high-resolution data on alluvial architecture to refine and validate stochastic reservoir models;
  4. Hydrogeologists in the groundwater industry who will be able to use the data and numerical models generated from the project to provide better simulations of pollutant pathways and dispersion in aquifers of large river sediments;
  5. Partners in Argentina such as the Ministry of Water Resources, the Argentinean Navy and shipping companies who use the Paraná as one of the world's major trading arteries