Paraná River Project - Acknowledgements

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Sunset over the Paraná River Dunes recently exposed on the bar surface The Paraná River and fisherman


We are extremely grateful to the following organisations and people who have helped with the planning and execution of this project:

  • British Embassy
  • Argentinean Embassy (London) - Mr Ferrer and Mrs Perez
  • Argentinean Ministry for Foreign Affairs
  • CONAE Comision Nacional de Actividades Espaciales (Argentina)
  • Ing. Mario Schreider, Director of FICH, UNL, Argentina
  • Prefectura Naval Argentina
  • Prefectura Reinaldo Sosa, Jefe Prefectura Itatí
  • Prefectura Jorge Alberto Astrada, Jefe Prefectura Paso de la Patria
  • Dr Juan J. Neiff, Director CECOAL-CONICET
  • Norberto Malarini, Departamento de Importaciones, CONICET
  • Staff of CECOAL-CONICET and in particular Lolo Roberto
  • Staff of FICH and in particular Roberto Mir